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Professional Convention Management Association

May 13 2013

The Key Ingredient for All Meeting Professionals

By Kelly Peacy, Senior Vice President, Education and Meetings

Every day, no matter where I am, I’m negotiating something, somewhere, with someone. Of course, contract negotiations figure into a large portion of my role and responsibility here at PCMA, but I’m also negotiating with my colleagues and teammates on a regular basis. And then, I’m negotiating things in my everyday life, all the time. 

While practice makes perfect, ask just about any meeting professional, and they’ll agree: you can never sharpen your negotiation skills enough. Quite frankly, it can mean the difference between success and failure.

Strong negotiation skills allow you to effectively reach agreements, keeping you productive and moving forward. It’s about the best possible deal for the circumstance and who doesn’t need to know how to accomplish that in a better, more efficient way? Bottom line—good negotiation skills can save money and help make money.

That’s why I’m excited that I will actually get to attend and participate in the upcoming Wharton Negotiation Workshop at PCMA’s Executive Edge on June 11 in Chicago. Wharton professor Maurice Schweitzer will delve deep into negotiation tactics and strategies and help us leave with sharper skills to get us through business and life. The session will include plenty of exercises to put into practice what we’re learning, and it’s another great way to network and meet other industry professionals.

So while I’m not getting in to the renowned Wharton School of Business in Philadelphia anytime soon, I can certainly set aside one day to learn new strategies and sharpen my negotiation skills. I’m guessing my boss, PCMA CEO Deborah Sexton, would approve.

Want to join me? Click here to learn more about the event and register.