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May 13 2013

Bill Martin in the Spotlight

By David McMillin, Staff Writer

bill martin pcmaBill Martin focuses on driving immediate results for clients in his day-to-day role as a strategic sales executive at Experient, but he is just as committed to the long-term success of the entire meetings and events industry. As the 2013 Chair of the PCMA Student Advisory Group, Martin is helping steer tomorrow’s leaders toward success.

“I always tell students to be specific when they’re asking for career assistance,” Martin says. “Meeting professionals can only help them land internships or jobs if they offer a good idea of exactly what they’re looking to do.”

As PCMA prepares for Convening Leaders 2014 in Boston, there will be plenty of students making plans to attend, and Martin says that they can expect new lessons - - not just the traditional nuts and bolts of job hunting.

“While the student programming at Convening Leaders has been strong in the past, we’ve heard that many of the topics are also covered in their classes,” Martin says. “This year, we’re focusing on helping them understand a skill that isn’t acquired through a textbook. We’re going to help them learn how to network.”

“For a student, knowing how to join a group of people to say hello can be challenging,” Martin adds. “We’re bringing more people into the program who they can count on as mentors in order to get a better grasp on what it takes to create career connections.”

More Than A Once-A-Year Meeting

As PCMA continues to welcome more students, Martin hopes to help establish a 365-day relationship between them and the organization.

“The student program has been centered on Convening Leaders, but we’re trying to figure out how to help students stay connected throughout the year,” Martin says.

Martin is hoping that all of PCMA’s professional chapters can also share best practices on what’s working when it comes to student engagement.

“There are tremendous opportunities,” Martin says. “I hope we can connect all of the chapters across the country to build an even stronger student base for the future.”

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