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Professional Convention Management Association

April 29 2013

What’s Missing From Your Bag of Tricks?


Many of us believe we have this job down pat – Logistics…check. Contingency plans…check. Contracts…check. But what about the business of reinvention?

“If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got.” Mark Twain could have been speaking directly to a number of us. Sometimes our boards and C-suite want us to keep doing the same meeting over and over, but as meeting strategists, we need to be switching it up and advocating for our attendees.

We know that our industries have changed, technology has evolved and people expect more from us. If they can’t get it from our organization, Google is only a click away.

So how do we not just stay relevant, but exceed our customer and attendee needs?

Follow this three step plan:

  1. Perform a needs analysis. With a sound understanding of audience needs, you can adequately measure existing programs and new initiatives. 
  2. Create a solid business plan. The next step is to develop a business plan outlining meeting goals, the reasons they are attainable, and the plan for reaching them. 
  3. Get stakeholder buy in. Create a communication strategy that will get them to “Yes!”

The only way to create meeting innovation is to push for it. You must be its advocate.

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