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March 18 2013

3 Ways the New Facebook Will Impact Marketers

By David McMillin, Staff Writer

facebookAttention, meeting marketers: Facebook is changing the way your prospective attendees view your updates.

In an announcement earlier this month, the California-based social networking company unveiled a new layout. Co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has high hopes for the redesign, indicating that he hopes Facebook will be “the best personalized newspaper in the world.” While that personalization is aimed to please end users and advertisers alike, it will put pressure on meeting marketers to ensure that social media status updates will attract the attention of prospective attendees.

Here are three ways that the new Facebook design will impact your meeting marketing strategy.

1)  You Need Pictures

You may be accustomed to posting text-based updates that promote registration deadlines, new sessions and other information, but the new Facebook wants your posts to be more visually engaging.

“As meeting planners work to harness the power of social engagement, the new Facebook design presents new opportunities,” Mary Reynolds Kane, senior director, experience marketing, PCMA, says. “If you can include an eye-catching image of video with all of your posts, it seems like you can greatly increase the likelihood that fans will see and and engage with the content.”

2) Your Fans Can Tune You Out More Easily

However, those new opportunities also come with new challenges. While a user’s news feed used to simply display stories from friends and companies alike in chronological order, the new design allows users to divide information into specific categories.

“Facebook can feel very cluttered,” Reynolds Kane adds. “Part of this redesign gives end users the ability to separate their friends’ posts from updates from organizations and brands. That separation may mean that an annual meeting page will see less traffic.”

3)  Your Ads Will Be Seen More Frequently

Ultimately, Facebook’s new design is geared toward helping the company earn more advertising dollars. It’s no secret that the company’s IPO didn’t go exactly as planned, and Facebook has been hard at work to determine how to look more attractive to a very important set of eyes: Wall Street.

If you have been paying to promote your posts or creating advertisements that target prospective attendees, experts believe that the new layout will deliver more clicks, more engagement, and of course, more money.

Want to learn more about the new Facebook design? Check out this video from Facebook employees.

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