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March 15 2013

Are You Being Recruited Without Even Knowing It?

By Daniel Metz, Specialist, Web Marketing

social media career recruitmentWhether you are looking for a job not may be irrelevant according to a recent survey the North American Staffing and Recruiting Trend.

The Results

Among recruiting and staffing professionals, increased access to passive job candidates via social media presents the biggest opportunity for recruiting in 2013.

Among the recruiters surveyed, nearly all (98%) say they used social media for recruiting in 2012 with LinkedIn being the most popular channel (97%), followed by Facebook (51%) and Twitter (49%).

What It Means for You

Educate yourself – Odds are someone in your Marketing or IT department handles the majority of your digital needs but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t educate yourself. Learn the capabilities of your website and social media sites and you may be surprised what new ideas you come up with for your next project.

If you post it, they will come – as I am sure you’ve heard before anything you put up online is very difficult to permanently erase even if you hit the delete key. While that picture of you from college doing a keg stand probably got a lot of “likes” it may not be the image you want to be showing potential employers. Luckily there a few tools out there to help clean up your digital footprint.

Keep your résumé up to date – a good rule of thumb is to update your résumé every six months. This way you’re documenting important goals reached, skills gained, certifications received and other achievements. Just because you love your job now doesn’t mean you always will. When that recruiter calls, having your résumé up to date and on hand can only lead to good things for your career.

Know your internet privacy rights – feeling violated by all of these strangers seeing everything about you? You aren’t alone, Facebook, Instagram and even Google have been making recent headlines for violating privacy rights. While a potential employer finding you and offering a new career opportunity is great you still want protect yourself. Be sure to review a site’s privacy policy and your own personal account settings if you don’t want anyone snooping around or using your content without your consent.

While it is nearly impossible to stay on top of the ever-changing Internet landscape, do your best and good things will come your way… you might even come across a hilarious video or two.

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