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February 11 2013

3 Free Apps to Increase Your Productivity

By David McMillin, Staff Writer

No matter what role you serve in the meetings industry, chance are that you’re always on the go. Here’s a look at three mobile apps that will help make your constant movement more productive.

Note-taking: Evernote

The app that many meeting planners live by. Evernote is built to help you never forget, well, anything. You can jot down ideas you like, share working documents with your entire planning team, organize travel itineraries and much more. With cloud-based storage, your thoughts are accessible anywhere - your computer, your tablet or your smartphone.


Networking: Bump

You’ve seen commercials for the Samsung Galaxy S III and its simple sharing function between two phones. However, you don’t need “The Next Big Thing” to transfer data from device to device. With Bump, you can easily transfer contact info, photos and more with any smartphone.


Time Management: Toggl

Tracking how much time you’re really spending on all of your tasks can be challenging. With Toggl, you’ll have a better understanding of where all of your minutes are going and be able to identify ways to stop wasting time. For the time at your actual desk, Toggl offers a limited free web-based version that helps track your time surfing the web, completing spreadsheets and more.

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