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December 26 2012

BUSINESS SERVICES: PSAV Presentation Services

Ali Gramaglia

Enhance meetings with a complete sensory experience

Waving off lighting and mobile apps as an unnecessary extra? Think again. Research shows that audiovisual input - which, for meetings, can range from a simple Power- Point presentation to a light show worthy of a U2 concert - has a remarkably positive effect on the way adults learn and absorb information.

If a person hears a message while seeing a related image, studies show they will absorb an additional 91 percent of that message. Studies also show that stimulating all of the senses, including sight, sound, smell, and touch, helps create a more memorable learning environment. As a result, effective meetings call for more than just a speaker at a podium - they call for integrated experiences that involve just the right amount of audiovisual technology. So what’s the solution? Having an experienced event technology provider.

“Every planner wants their event, no matter the goal, to inspire attendees,” said Greg Van Dyke, SVP of Global Sales and Marketing at PSAV Presentation Services. “Whether their purpose is networking, education, or just making a sale, PSAV creates events that engage attendees at every level.”

Audiovisual effects play a large role in how attendees experience a meeting, and the more senses that are activated when a message is transmitted, the greater the chance that message will be received. PSAV takes advantage of neurological research findings on how the adult brain learns in order to create environments that maximize absorbing information for every kind of meeting session. For example, research shows that forgetting information stems from distraction. A speaker flanked by two projection slides on either side forces viewers to keep shifting their focus and thus lose interest. Instead, PSAV converges the two slides onto a single widescreen, so the audience remains focused.

With more than 800 locations worldwide, PSAV’s team of trained professionals handles more than 1,000 events every day, providing audiovisual, creative, staging, interactive, and facility services in more major meeting markets than anyone. From ballroom and breakout-room solutions, content-management systems to mobile event apps, videoconferencing to thematic capabilities, PSAV’s meeting solutions are seemingly endless.

For more information: PSA V Presentation Services; (877) 430-7728; psav.com/research

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