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December 26 2012

BUSINESS SERVICES: Global Experience Specialists

Ali Gramaglia

Changing your perspective

The exhibition industry has seen tremendous changes in recent years. Budgets remain tight. Audiences are difficult to reach. There are stricter demands for ROI.

Despite - or rather, because of - all that, Global Experience Specialists believes we’re entering a new, exciting era in experience marketing. Change your perspective, and you’ll see that in rising to meet these challenges we are, in fact, inspiring unprecedented creativity. This new creative world encompasses far more than the exhibits themselves. Trade-show organizers are benefiting from a host of new ideas that can help make shows more successful - and their jobs less stressful.

Step Right Up

Exhibitors expect every aspect of a show to run like clockwork. That’s nothing new. But now they’re demanding even more value. And it’s not just about attendance; it’s about getting more buyers/customers.

Digital media has fragmented audiences, making them more difficult to reach. But change your perspective, and you begin to see that digital also presents new opportunities to connect with customers.

Analytical tools help GES deliver targeted messages more efficiently to attract the best prospects to a show. Mobile apps are enriching the customer experience. Digital tools measure at-show effectiveness in real time, improving ROI. Audience-tracking techniques through GES’s video-measurement tool, ethnoMetrics, are even allowing some organizers to identify premium traffic areas and charge accordingly.

Expresso Powered by GES

At show time, the main goal is still to keep everything running smoothly, of course. But here, once again, new tools and new ideas will change your perspective on what’s possible.

Expresso, GES’s online planning, ordering, and management tool, is powering more than 1,200 shows. Expresso puts everything exhibitors could ask for right at their fingertips - including easy access to schedules and a running shopping-cart total that helps them manage their spend.

Even things like materials handling are being creatively reimagined by GES, with solutions ranging from a new tracking system for refrigerated products, to an animated video that helps organizers explain the benefits of advanced storage.

What’s Your Perspective?

At EXHIBITOR2012 this past March, GES turned the exhibit world on its head - literally - with an upside-down booth that received best-of-show honors. The exhibit was an invitation to “Change Your Perspective” about what’s possible in trade-show marketing.

That invitation goes out to trade-show organizers as well. Change your perspective, and you just might find that this is the most exciting time ever to be in the trade-show industry.

For more information: Visit ges.com or the GES blog at defyingconvention.ges.com. The first annual Trend Tracker - a GES-compiled list of the top 50 trends impacting trade shows at events - is available at convn.org/ges-trends(HYPBOL).

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