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December 11 2012

Why Your Voice is Crucial to the Future of Meetings

By Deborah Sexton, President & CEO

As the words “AIG Effect” and “GSA Scandal” continue to reverberate on Capitol Hill, meeting planners and suppliers must recognize the value of communicating with lawmakers.

So, does Congress really hear your voice?


According to studies conducted by the Congressional Management Foundation, 90 percent of staff in Congressional offices indicated that responding to constituent communications is a high priority. However, howyou communicate plays a key role in whether your message matters. Those same studies show that individualized letters create 20 times more effective positive influence than form letters, emails and postcards.

As Johnnie White, CMP, Chair-Elect, PCMA, prepares to guide the Board in 2013, exerting that influence is one of the top priorities on his agenda. That’s why we’re launching the “Do the Write Thing” campaign at Convening Leaders. PCMA is making it easy for attendees to create personal letters that will be sent directly to their representatives in Congress and raise awareness about the true value of our industry. While this initiative will last all year, you can be one of the first voices heard when you come to the new Advocacy Central in the Learning Lounge.

As January 13th approaches, we hope you’ll take time to consider what the meetings industry really means. We’ve already helped outline the numbers in the Economic Significance of Meetings to the US Economy. Now, it’s time to consider what your attendees do when they’re face-to-face. Do they share best practices to pave a brighter future for healthcare? Will they uncover the “next big thing” in mobile technology? Are they joining together to volunteer during your meeting?

We hope you’ll come to Orlando with a personal message about what the meetings industry means to the rest of the world - - to the communities where you host them, to the businesses that belong to your organization, to the lives that are impacted by what happens when we bring people together.

If you haven’t done so already, take time to help us prevent negative legislation from passing Congress. Click here to see how our partners at ASAE can help you create a simple action alert for your local representatives. 

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