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August 12 2012

Your Employees Don't "Get" Your Brand

Alicia Leonard

August 13, 2012

Companies often choose high-profile celebrities or sports stars to serve as brand ambassadors and advocates for their brands. Ellen DeGeneres, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Salman Khan, and a host of others have been the public face of brands such as J. C. Penney, Hanes, Nike, and Yatra.com.

But celebrities and sports heroes aren't the only -- or the best -- ambassadors you can find. You should be grooming other, more local ambassadors who can exert a powerful influence on your customers. To find them, look no further than the front line, or maybe the office right next to yours, because the world's best brand ambassadors are your employees. Unfortunately, most of them are under-prepared for the job, and they could be costing companies millions of dollars in lost opportunity. More

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