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August 12 2012

bXb Online Unveils BOBtv-Best of Business Television

Alicia Leonard

August 13, 2012

bXb Online (bXb), a business focused on accelerating the power of face-to-face events through emerging online stories and experiences, today unveiled the face of its global online event platform designed with and for the event marketing industry. bXb Online is developing BOBtv-Best of Business Television, an industry platform for event marketing professionals and the communities they serve.

BOBtv has inspired unique collaboration on the development of the platform model.  Leading event industry associations, ASAE, CEIR, IAEE, PCMA and VEI have been unified in their support of this initiative, from the research and development process over the past eighteen months to today’s on stage unveiling at the ASAE 2012 Annual Meeting in Dallas, TX. These associations have a combined membership that serves more than 500 million global business consumers throughout all fourteen industries as defined by the industry standard CEIR Index. These organizations are committed to leading their members -- and through those members, entire industries – to further growth through the aggregation of face-to-face event content on one unified online platform. 

In the days leading up to today’s unveiling of BOBtv, the event marketing industry’s curiosity was piqued by an anonymous social friend named BOB (@MeetBOBbiz), a loyal and trusted comrade who immediately saw the value of this powerful industry of face-to-face business events. He asked industry leaders thought-provoking questions via social media…questions related to business challenges that BOBtv is uniquely designed to address. The brand identity and personification of BOBtv is borne out of months of research and feedback, and more importantly the DNA of the event marketing industry – deeply rooted in personal connection and relationships.   

bXb Online founder Tony Lorenz, CMM summarized the brand identity of the platform, “Like that trusted colleague we all have in our lives, BOBtv will be the place business consumers can turn to for what they need, when they need it. Face-to-face events have been and always will be the best means by which business professionals engage with each other. BOBtv will extend the power of face-to-face events to much wider global audiences in real time and on demand. So while BOBtv will play an increasingly larger role in the exciting story of face-to-face business events, it -- or shall we say he -- will always be the second-best seat in the house.” 

Industry technology consultant Corbin Ball,  CSP, CMP and CEO of Corbin Ball Associates, stated, “This rich media channel and distribution network, with the support of  industry associations such as ASAE, PCMA, IAEE and VEI could revolutionize how event and association content is curated and distributed.” 

Feedback from over 300 industry leaders within multiple business sectors helped bxb identify the need for associations and commercial event owners to turn their events into open platforms for year-round engagement and revenue generation. In response, BOBtv is designed to aggregate; curate and deliver the best content available, while creating strong, open and inclusive communities in every industry in the B-to-B marketplace. 

Further, baseline metrics that are critical across the BOBtv platform will include areas of audience reach, visitor quality, sales and marketing acceleration, learning acceleration, visitor experience and tactical execution. In support of these components within the platform, bXb has created a partnership with Exhibit Surveys, Inc. (ESI).  Skip Cox, President and CEO of ESI stated,” (BOBtv) has the chance to be a game changer for associations relative to content strategy and distribution. The industry is poised for leadership and this prompts the discussion sooner than later.” 

BOBtv will continue the development process through 2012 with an expected launch in the first quarter of 2013. For more information about BOBtv including the press kit and video, or to register to receive regular updates, visit www.BOBtv.biz or follow on Twitter @BOBtvbiz. 

Join the online rebroadcast of the bXb Online Unveiling of BOBtv, featuring chat with Tony Lorenz. 

Tuesday, August 14th at 11am CT. REGISTER HERE or visit http://www.BOBtv.biz.  

About bXb Online 
bXb Online accelerates the power of face-to-face marketing through online business stories and experiences.  bXb Online delivers online event strategy, creative, content development, and management solutions that brands rely on to activate their business events to the next level. In concert with leading industry organizations, bXb is developing BOBtv-Best of Business Television, an industry platform for event marketing professionals and the communities they serve. Headquartered in Chicago, IL, bXb Online partners with world-class leaders in their respective categories, including American Society of Association Executives, Center for Exhibition Industry Research, International Association of Exhibitions and Events, Professional Convention Management Association, and the Virtual Edge Institute. Learn how bXb Online can accelerate your event marketing strategy today: www.bxbonline.com.

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