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July 10 2012

How To Properly Define "Great Leader"--And Act Like One

Alicia Leonard

July 11, 2012

We don't think of leadership as some set of fuzzy, intangible character qualities that some people are born with and others are not. We think of leadership as the performance of behaviors. The skill of performing these behaviors can be learned and developed by anybody. Some people do not develop these skills and therefore do not perform leader behaviors with much competence. Others develop some skill and become pretty good leaders. Others develop considerable skill and become great leaders.

Let's define great leader so it is clear what we are talking about.

A great leader helps a group of people identify what they want and how to get it, and then influences that group, free of coercion, to take coordinated action to achieve the desired outcomes. A great leader achieves results at a level far beyond what others achieve. More

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