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December 31 2009


Alicia Leonard

As we embark on a new decade, five authors and a futurist talk to Convene about what lies ahead, what lies within — and what it all means for meetings and conventions

Kurt Andersen writes in his book Reset, referring to the financial meltdown, "but it isn't the end of the world." If you've been waiting out this last tumultuous year, hoping things will get back to normal, Andersen and four other esteemed authors we spoke to have news for you: They won't. As a sixth member of the chorus - futurist and innovation expert Jim Carroll - told Convene, change is coming at a blistering pace. And only those who can adapt - quickly - will thrive. But thrive you can.

What we offer here are insights from these six refreshingly hopeful thinkers, who believe that this point in time represents a moment of great opportunity. They take on big, sweeping trends - sustainability, transformative social media and emerging technology, even the reinvention of America - and shed light on what it will take to manage others and move forward. And, just for us, they apply their knowledge directly to the meetings industry.

- Michelle Russell

  • Seizing the Reset Moment
  • The Science of Feeling Good
  • The Closest Thing to a Crystal Ball
  • Good Buy to all That
  • Decluttering the Internet
  • Hidden Motives 

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