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An individual who is the master of research, developing lesson plans and curriculum development; possessing the clarity of vision to reduce the intricacies of event management down to an hour lecture for an introductory course, stir curiosity in the subject matter, and ultimately pass that enthusiasm onto the student, and can deftly navigate the most treacherous of academic politics. They have the unique ability to turn the most adoring fans of the Jennifer Lopez movie, The Wedding Planner, into fully functioning, savvy meeting professionals.


  • PCMA brings together your community of meeting professionals for relevant, high-level industry and professional development education, both face-2-face and virtually.
  • PCMA orchestrates your networking with colleagues to ensure you connect with common interests professionals.
  • PCMA facilitates your connections with strategic partners and suppliers to help you build career-long supportive relationships.
  • PCMA publishes the leading industry magazine, Convene®, so you stay informed with the latest research, best practices and trends.
  • PCMA provides you with maximum benefits and value for the time you invest.

Fees: $205 (USD)

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