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The Home
Sun Tower, 100 Beatty Street, #100
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 2L3

November 02, 2016 until November 02, 2016

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Join us at the new venue "The Home" for this interactive and engaging event.
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No More Drama! It Starts with Me

The existence of people challenges has consequences for your bottom line. As meeting and event planners, maintaining outstanding client relationships are paramount.  Many of us are working longer hours, spending more time with clients, co-workers, and computers than their own families. Stress levels have accelerated as we feel the pressure of delivering results for clients, suppliers and stakeholders in less time, with fewer resources. Our teams are expected to be efficient, engaged and happy.


With tight deadlines, unexpected changes, conflicting agendas and  my way or the highway mindsets, it is not uncommon for drama and chaos to reign.


Through it all, we are expected to work harmoniously and exceed expectations. In shortto be the best version of ourselves.


Our attitudes directly impact the workplace atmosphere and the quality of our business relationships. We should never underestimate our personal power and ability to control our reality.


Delivering her message with insight, wit and humor, Michelles energizing, informative and dynamic keynote presentation, will remind audiences of the power of personal leadership. They will learn strategies they can use long after the event ends to take the lead, embrace any challenge and create their own outcomes. 


Delivered with humour and insight, this exciting keynote offers practical solutions to the most common workplace problemshelping you to take the lead, create successful outcomes for your clients and put a stop to the dramaonce and for all.


Learning Takeaways:

    ◦       How to demonstrate unwavering confidence in your interactions with clients, colleagues and suppliers

    ◦       Learn the difference between people who have problems and people who are problems

    ◦       Practice objectivity and put the “small stuff” into perspective

    ◦       Detach from the dysfunction and drama to be a better “you”

    ◦       Evict the colleagues, managers and others who are living “rent-free” in your head

    ◦       How to tap into your own innovative potential and lead yourself first


Leadership expert Michelle Ray CSP, is an award-winning speaker, author and founder of the Lead Yourself First Institute. She has worked with hundreds of leaders and their teams by helping them create effective business relationships and positive workplaces. Learn more about Michelle Ray.


Wednesday, November 2  4:00 - 6:00


Please support our CSR initiative and bring a food item for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. 

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