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Digital Event: Engagement by Design


October 15, 2013 4:00 PM UTC until October 15, 2013 8:05 PM UTC

Engagement is critical for producing successful events. But, do you have a strategic plan? Join us for this digital event and explore ways to build connections throughout the event experience and find out the five biggest US census findings and how they may impact you.

Walk With Them or They Might Walk Away: Assessing Your Meeting from the Attendee Perspective

11:00 AM -12:15 PM CDT

Many of us make adjustments each year to our Annual Meeting to refresh it, but do you take the time to step out of your own shoes and into your attendees' to truly experience the event from their perspective?  Learn how a systematic and segmented approach to evaluating your meeting helps you better determine what key attendee groups want - so you can better engage them and ensure they return next year.

  • Discover a step-by-step process for assessing your meeting from the attendee perspective.
  • Utilize appropriate metrics for benchmarking the attendee experience.
  • Apply best practices to your evaluation and design process.

Speakers: John Folks, President, Minding Your Business, Inc. and Katie Callahan-Giobbi, Executive Vice President, Minding Your Business, Inc.

Brain Candy: Your Experimental Meetings Laboratory

12:30 PM – 1:46 PM CDT

Welcome to your very own experimental meetings laboratory!  Rotate through four participatory exercises and room sets to experience firsthand exciting concepts in design, engagement and innovation....and how to put them all together to create a unique meeting experience.  Explore how to shift from a logistics focus to one of designing innovative and engaging experiences.  Walk away inspired to bring these buzzwords to life at your next event.

  • Witness firsthand how design can be a barrier or facilitator to the attendee experience.
  • Experience ways to move from education sessions that are expert-centric to participant-centric.
  • Practice two behaviors that will help you become more innovative.

Speaker: Jeff Hurt, EVP, Education & Engagement, Velvet Chainsaw Consulting

PCMA Business School: Changing Demographics & The Impact on Business Today and Tomorrow

2:00 PM – 3:05 PM CDT

The Census numbers are in and the findings are startling and profound. One in three Americans is not White.  Four states have “minority majority” populations.  Young people increasingly are opting not to get married.  Asians have the highest household income of any race or ethnicity.  Rural communities are losing population fast.

It doesn’t matter where you live or work - every local community today looks drastically different from ten years ago.  And ten years from now, your community will look different than it does today.

It’s imperative that you familiarize yourself with the changes around you.  How can you best serve your community if you don’t know what it looks like? 

And the changes aren’t just demographic:  the way we communicate and connect with each other is changing too.  Our values and expectations change as we change. Whether you’re trying to build your business by expanding your customer base or attract and retain the best employees or deliver an exceptional customer experience, you need to know what the marketplace looks like today and what people want and expect from you.

  • The five biggest findings from the U.S. Census and what they mean for your business right now
  • Key market segmentations and the values associated with each to better understand and communicate with diverse customers and employee teams
  • The differences between generational segments and how the varying expectations of generations impacts the service you provide
Presenter: Kelly McDonald, McDonald Marketing

Brought to you by: Speaker Arranged by PCMA Communication Partner Speak Inc.

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