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Pacific Northwest Chapter: From Brainstorming to Q-Storming: Using Questions to Devise Innovative Strategies

Presented By PCMA Pacific Northwest Chapter

Sheraton Seattle Hotel
1400 Sixth Avenue
Seattle, Washington

April 17, 2013 12:30 PM UTC

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Presented by: Joan Eisenstodt

We often think of brainstorming when we need to find new answers and solutions. So what happens if we turn the brainstorming process upside down and instead of seeking solutions, we seek new questions?

All we need is more questions, right? Actually, the process of asking questions can be as powerful as having all the answers.

Q-Storming® empowers collaborative, creative and strategic thinking. It is a tool for moving beyond limitations in perception and thinking and advancing to novel and extraordinary solutions and answers. It is most often used when breakthroughs are sought in decision making, problem solving, strategic planning and innovation.

Open your mind to possibilities you may not have considered if you’d started with answers first. Discover how the Q-Storming® process can help you succeed.

After attending this session, the participant will be able to:

  • Determine how Q-Storming® differs from brainstorming.
  • Facilitate
    conversations which produce breakthroughs to your most pressing challenges.
  • Utilize the Q-Storming® process to align your meetings portfolio with your
    organization’s business goals and objectives and your businesses goals with
    those of your clients.

Sarah Watrous, Chapter Operations Director , PCMA Pacific Northwest Chapter at pacific.northwest.chapter@pcma.org

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