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  • How They Meet, Inc.

    By Hunter R. Slaton
    A real-estate investment trust, a luxury hotel brand,a financial-services firm, a software giant, and an online shoe retailer are among this year’s 100 Best Companies to Work For. It turns out their meetings are pretty great, too. Here are five reasons why.

  • These Chefs are Meeting the Challenge of Attendee Dietary Restrictions

    By Barbara Palmer, Senior Editor
    What do convention-center chefs and culinary staff say is the most important ingredient for dealing safely — and gracefully — with the rapidly expanding and sometimes exhausting number of dietary requests made by meeting attendees? Communication.

  • Show Cases

    By Sarah Beauchamp and Katie Kervin
    From a carefully designed maze of an expo hall, to a super-sized sustainability program, to a data-driven approach to exhibitor prospecting — the art and science of exhibitions are on full display at these five different shows.

  • Why Social Transmission Relies on Face-to-Face Interaction

    By Michelle Russell, Editor in Chief
    In Contagious: Why Things Catch On, Wharton professor Jonah Berger explores the science behind social transmission, including how it is that — even in our hyper-sharable social-media environment — 80 percent of word of mouth still takes place face-to-face.

  • 5 Lessons on Offering Education on the Show Floor The show of the future will focus on helping over selling, which is best accomplished by delivering valuable education in the exhibit hall.
  • Get Attendees to Remember Your Online Content New research suggests an easy way to help participants get the most out of your online learning programs: Give them short, regular tests.
  • This Conference Could be the SXSW of the Southeast Charleston, S.C., and the rest of the southeastern U.S. have a booming digital economy — big enough to support DIG SOUTH, a new SXSW-style interactive festival.
  • Circling the Wagons At one company summit, a combined team-building and community-service activity felt a lot like child’s play — which was exactly the idea.
  • Growing on the Vine Twitter’s new six-second-video app is being used to market events and trade-show booths and to interact with attendees. But how much can you accomplish in a matter of seconds?
  • Points of Order If your meetings include business sessions — such as board meetings or delegate bodies that make decisions for the entire organization — then you should know about parliamentary procedure.
  • Performance Anxiety   When Other Duties As Assigned means learning how to speak Diva.
  • 6 Questions to Ask About Gluten-Free  Even though catering staff may answer “yes” to the question of whether they’re equipped to serve gluten-free attendees, a few extra questions can go a long way to revealing how well a catering manager or sales professional understands gluten-free, said Jen Cafferty, founder of the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo.
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