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  • Destination Branding: How To Get the Word Out in a Crowded World

    By Jennifer N. Dienst, Contributing Editor
    Destination branding is always tricky. For second-tier cities, which don't always have a visible or well-defined profile, it's vital. Here's how some of them are creating, controlling, and leveraging their brand - in the service of attracting more and better meetings and conventions.

  • Rethinking Risk

    By Michelle Russell, Editor-in-Chief
    Risk-management plans tend to focus narrowly on catastrophic possibilities and to approach risk strictly as a negative proposition. But each new element you introduce into your meeting represents a calculated risk - and sometimes the payoff is positive.

  • 'The Power of Glamour' Author Virginia Postrel On The Enduring Appeal of Mystery and Grace

    By Christopher Durso, Executive Editor
    'The Power of Glamour' author Virginia Postrel discusses the enduring appeal of mystery and grace, what makes a meeting or conference glamorous--and whether TED still is.

  • 3 Top Takeaways From the World's Largest Medical Meeting

    By Molly Brennan, Contributing Editor
    Twenty-five meeting planners spent two days behind the scenes at RSNA 2013 — and learned that the bells and whistles of the world's largest international medical meeting aren't so far out of reach.

  • Research Shows Well-Executed CSR Strategy Results In More Loyal Customer Base CSR can do real good in the world — and, when it's properly integrated into your organization's mission, result in a much stronger, more loyal customer base.
  • What's Next For Apps? QuickMobile CEO Patrick Payne on what's ahead for mobile event apps — from deeper engagement to immediate feedback to year-round communities.
  • 7 Ways To Improve Breakouts Concurrent sessions are the meat and potatoes of conferences. This past summer, we conducted a survey of 175 conference organizers to capture improvement trends for education sessions.
  • A Tale of 10,000 Tablets The Cardiovascular Research Foundation ordered tablets for its annual meeting attendees to access education content — and swiped a few important lessons in the process.
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  • ‘Where and How People Form Their Perceptions’  “A place that has a healthy and respected reputation makes it easier to be selected in any competitive setting, because the city is seen in a positive light and having qualities and benefits that are good to be associated with,” Bill Baker writes in his book, Destination Branding for Small Cities: The Essentials for Successful Place Branding.
  • Report Shows Millenials Make More Loyal Customers  While Millennials aren't known for their deep pockets, Loyalty 360's “Corporate Social Responsibility” report revealed that they increase giving when they feel connected to a brand's mission on a deeper level.
  • A Conference Dedicated To The Business Of Tablets   TabTimes — a media outlet dedicated to helping professionals learn about how to utilize tablets for business — hosts a “no-nonsense” TabletBiz Conference & Expo, according to its website, that aims a spotlight on the intersection of “the business of tablets and apps, and tablets and apps for business.”
  • How We Discuss and Perceive Risk  Research shows that the way a risk is framed influences people's understanding of that risk.
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