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May 2014

Catching Fire

By Christopher Durso
do not see themselves as part of this to see themselves as part of it?”


During Ignite, Nix Conference & Meeting Management's Molly Hackett, Jane Quinn, and Kimberly Ritter found themselves in an unusual place for meeting planners: onstage. “All three of us played a role in the conference,” Hackett said. “We kicked off the conference with the opening general session, and we spoke at all the general sessions and really gave a history on where we came from, how did we end up here.”

And there was the extra thrill of being emotionally invested in the programming they were organizing. “We knew our AV and our videos and our timing were impeccable, of course, because that's our job. It has to be, right?” Hackett said, laughing. “But it was really cool to do the programming part of it and watch it be so successful. Because you just don't know when you're planning some of that out.”

Christopher Durso is executive editor of Convene.

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