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February 2014

Report Shows Millenials Make More Loyal Customers

By Sarah Beauchamp, Assistant Editor

While Millennials aren't known for their deep pockets, Loyalty 360's “Corporate Social Responsibility” report revealed that they increase giving when they feel connected to a brand's mission on a deeper level. “What we found is this social community, social commitment, this social contract [that companies] have with their [Millennial] employees is very powerful,” Loyalty 360's Mark Johnson said. “So they want to understand their behavior.”

Another development in the future of giving is flexibility. Consumers want to give according to their own timetable, and not feel restricted by topical CSR marketing campaigns that happen to fall around one time a year, such as the holidays. “[Consumers] want to give on their own accord,” Johnson said, “and they don't necessarily want to feel like they're pressured into doing it.”

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