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January 2014

PCMA's 20 in Their Twenties: The Future of the Meetings Industry

By Christopher Durso, Executive Editor

this includes my want to educate the meetings industry on accessibility for Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. How can we look around us and learn from the trials of other groups to enhance the overall product we are providing? This is a fascinating question that I think we all can benefit from asking ourselves, and in the future I see myself helping organizations answer this question to improve their meetings as well.

Alexis Kereluk
Manager of Association Relations, MCI Group Vancouver, Canada

What do you like most about your job?

I like being involved in such an evolving and competitive industry where there is so much opportunity to develop new client solutions, provide industry input, and grow clients’ organizations. I am consistently provided with the opportunity to grow as an individual, as an organization, and as an industry.

What's the best day you've had in the meetings industry so far?

Attending my first meetings convention in 2010, where I made a large base of my connections, began to understand what the industry is all about, how global the industry actually is, and how many people work together and assist others to make a meeting come to fruition.

Where would you like your career to go?

I would like to make sure that I am continuously involved in the evolution of the industry within North America. I am lucky to be with an international organization that is continuously growing and able to bring new ideas, processes, and procedures to North America; I hope to continue being part of these implementations to continue enhancing an already-strong meeting and convention industry within North America.

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