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January 2013

CMP Series: The Power of the Whole

By Michelle Russell, Editor in Chief

say to me that they've been coming to our conference for years hearing good speakers, getting to network. But this was the first time they'd ever really been asked to participate in building something for the future. It was really cool to watch this. I mean, clearly one of the key issues is making sure the facilitators are well-prepared, understand Appreciative Inquiry, and also understand their role.”

While he conceded that “not all facilitators are equal,” he has found the feedback to be overwhelmingly positive. Several attendees made a similar comment: “You forced us out of our traditional conference box, Collier.”

The I's Have It

The six TED-style speakers at the CMF/MNA 2012 joint conference and their themes, from the conference website and as described by CMF's Robert Collier:

Peter Berliner, managing director of Mission Investors Exchange, will describe investments made by foundations and other mission-based organizations to further their philanthropic goals. How can we best maximize the opportunities of the social economy?

John Kania, managing director of FSG and co-author of Collective Impact and Channeling Change, will engage us on measurement. How do we know our nonprofit organizations and foundations are making a difference?

Dr. Lynn Wooten, associate dean, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, will enlighten us on the growth promise of equity and inclusiveness. How do we ensure that all Michiganders are at the table?

Lucy Bernholz, futurist and author of Blueprint 2012: Navigating the New Social Economy, will energize us on the role of data and communications in this rapidly changing environment. How do we collectively use data and social media to best tell the story for our roadmap?

Breannah Alexander, commissioner, Michigan Community Services Commission, will ignite our thinking on engaging all Michiganders in service — especially our youth. At a time of great change, how do we make sure our youth are not sitting on the sidelines?

Toby Barlow, chief creative officer, Team Detroit, moved from Brooklyn to Detroit because it is “a vast enormous canvas where anything imaginable can be accomplished.” How can we use this spirit of innovation to strengthen our partnerships to benefit all of Michigan?

Earn Your CEU Hour

Here's how to earn your CEU hour. Once you finish reading this CMP Series article, read and view the following material:

  • The original Convene interview with David Cooperrider on using Appreciative Inquiry at conferences at convn.org/cooperrider.
  • Download a PDF of the National Grid Appreciative Inquiry Summit workbook, which includes the mission statement, program, and process for this summit, which took place in London this past September, at convn.org/ai-workbook.
  • A short video of David Cooperrider being interviewed after presenting a session at the Convene Forum, held Oct. 28-30,2012, in Nashville, at convn.org/cooperrider-cf.

To earn one hour of CEU credit, visit pcma.org/convenecmp to answer questions about the information contained in this CMP Series article and the additional material.

To earn additional credit, you can take more more tests in our series here: pcma.co/ConveneCEUs

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