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Professional Convention Management Association

November 2012

PCMA Convening Leaders Preview: Stephane Garelli

By Barbara Palmer, Senior Editor

Yes, I think they do. Now, of course, it is like music. You have to know the difference between good and bad music. So all conferences are not the same. I think that they are very useful and they are also very important for the development of the countries where they take place. That is why I think a lot of governments are really supporting conferences in their territory, or in the cities, etc. I think that they play a very important role because at the end of the day, we remember that it is still better just to meet people. We can [discuss things] on Skype, but meeting people is important. I think this personal contact is important. So I think conferences are playing a critical role in today’s world, and that is why we still have quite a lot of them.
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Learn more about IMD’s World Competitiveness Center and the World Competitiveness Yearbook at convn.org/garelli-compete

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