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December 2012

Government Meetings in a Post-GSA World

By Barbara Palmer, Senior Editor

and is asking for, that people be certified.

Do you think planning government meetings will continue to be satisfying?

Yes, I do. I think this is going to, not blow over, because I think blowing over would have meant there was no blowback, and I think there is going to be a lot. But I think that it will all die down and we will be doing business, just maybe not in the same way that we had been.

Sidebar: Frozen

The GSA announced in mid-August that it would freeze per-diem rates for government travelers in fiscal year 2013 at 2012 levels; the agency reportedly had considered adopting an alternative methodology of calculating per-diem rates that would have cut them by approximately 30 percent. Read more: convn.org/rate-freeze.

More Resources
Convene wrote about the initial effects of the GSA investigation into the Las Vegas meeting in our June issue, at convn.org/gsa-scandal.

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