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August 2012

Bookings: The Unplanned Life

By Barbara Palmer, Senior Editor

it back to my company. The first thing I did was change my title to chief visionary officer: aren't events, and business, and life, all about vision? Inspired by my experience of telling my story, I decided that it was time to come clean with my people about who I was and why I believed so strongly in the work that we did. I gathered all my employees together for an off-site retreat, and we talked about our mission statement as a company and why they thought our work was important. And then I told them my story, every bit of it, and then said, “I’m sorry for not expressing my gratitude for all those years.” I broke down and cried right there in front of them, looked around into caring, tearing eyes. … I realized it was no longer enough just to work hard and expect everyone around me to do the same. We all needed to know why we were there, and why our work mattered. Of course, I also hoped that they might gain some understanding of — and maybe a little forgiveness for — the scary mask I’d worn for so long.

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