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July 2012

Corporate Speak

Christopher Durso is executive editor of Convene.

I think a lot of the conversation will be about SMM or things very similar to that, and how we work to help our organizations leverage and reduce spend and manage their costs. 

Kelley Butler
 From my perspective, we have been so U.S.-centric here at corporate in the home office. While I do have the opportunity to interact with a lot of our world communications partners, just really understanding what our world means in their world - how we can enhance and influence it, and then how they can help reciprocate back. 

Susan Katz
 I am really looking forward to hearing from other planners what their challenges are and some of the creative solutions as to how they are working with them. Our time frame these days has really shrunk as to when we get information and how quickly we have to turn that information around into meetings, and I would love to hear how people are using new technological solutions in order to help expedite the process. 

Kati Quigley
 The women on the phone [for this roundtable] - we have been working on the program itself. So I am so excited to spend time with them. It goes back to the value of face-to-face. 

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