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  • Is the RFP Process Broken?

    By Christopher Durso, Executive Editor
    Hotel salespeople say they're buckling under the weight of lead spam. Planners say they're not hearing back about their proposals as quickly as they need to. Is the RFP process broken? And can it be fixed?

  • Are Medical Meeting Professionals Ready for the Affordable Care Act?

    By MIchelle Russell, Editor in Chief
    Convene spoke to high-level medical meeting professionals to learn how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) — aka the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare — is changing the way they're planning their meetings.

  • The World of Science: Two International Meetings

    By Molly Brennan, Contributing Editor and Katie Kervin, Assistant Editor
    Convene went overseas to explore the mysteries of two international scientific meetings.

  • What Trade Show Still Rocks After 110 Years? With Elton John, John Mayer, and Eddie Van Halen at the same trade show, PCMA Convene's Jen Dienst finds it difficult to concentrate at the star-studded 111th NAMM Show in Anaheim.
  • 3 Content Curation Methods Way Better Than PowerPoint Do you offer audio recordings of your conference's concurrent sessions synced to PowerPoint decks? If you do, you're probably experiencing a decline in the number sold.
  • The Hybrid Balance HIMSS found an inexpensive hybrid model that competes with the fast rise of free online events, striking a balance between virtual and in-person.
  • The Antidote for Dull Presentations Say goodbye to boring talks. ideaDJ provides ‘real-time visual support for events’ by using images to riff on a speaker's presentation — on the spot and on the fly.
  • Sleep + Sustainability It makes sense that the American Academy of Sleep Medicine would create a tranquil space for its headquarters office. But can a facility that's one with nature also be a productive conference setting?
  • The Business of Radical Reinvention with Jason Jennings  The entrepreneur and author believes that the business of radical reinvention is personal, that every successful organization has a noble purpose, and that, when it comes to meetings, ‘the fellowship and camaraderie, learning from your peers, one on one — that absolutely will never be replaced with technology.’
  • No Two RFPs Are Alike   Online RFP platforms make it easy to assume that the process is monolithic — completely standardized, homogenously formatted, and more or less the same for everyone. But planners have their own individual methods for putting their meetings out to bid.
  • Bladder Control  When "Other Duties As Assigned" means ordering pig parts from a local butcher for your meeting.
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