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Each year the NYPCMA prepares a Calendar of Events that include outstanding Educational programs, including a two-day conference, several Community Service Projects and many wonderful networking opportunities locally, regionally and nationally.  Needless to say, these activities could not happen without our volunteers.

There is an old adage that says, "the more you put into something, the more you get out of it."  That is certainly the case with PCMA.  Volunteer opportunities exist for anyone that lives any where in our chapter region.  In reviewing the enclosed list of opportunities you will see there are spots for people who want to really be involved and service possibilities for those that can only commit a little time or must serve from a distance.  I believe you will find volunteering in our Chapter both rewarding professionally as well as personally through the connections you will gain and the lifelong friends you will make.

We are continually planning for the year and opportunities for service are abundant.  We look forward to hearing from you at admin@nypcma.org on how you would like to be involved.

Brief description of the committees:

Sponsorship Committee: This committee promotes the Chapter to potential sponsors and tracks sponsorship donations to ensure appropriate sponsor recognition in Newsletter, Website and at events.

Programs Committee: This committee plans and executes chapter with input from the Board of Directors, membership and headquarters.  Programming is established at the Fall BOD Retreat, prior to the December 31 calendar year-end.  Market trends, social issues and industry hot buttons provide parameters.  BOD input is encouraged for programming modifications.

Network for the Needy-Community Service Committee: This committee is responsible for the CSR initiatives for the chapter. Anticipated activities for the year will focus on helping one or two charities as well as focusing on initiatives like personal health and other areas where we can impact the lives of our members and the community.  In December, the chapter visited Occupy Staten Island to help with relief efforts and we hope to continue to bring the chapter together and make a difference. If you are looking for a way to give back to both PCMA and help others in need, this committee is for you.

Marketing/Communications Committee: This committee produces a quarterly Newsletter and keeps our webpage updated with current industry news and events.  We need people to submit articles, take photos and keep us updated on what's new in our diverse geographic region.

Membership Committee: This committee promotes and maintains the growth of the chapter. Welcomes new members and ensures existing members renew their annual memberships.

Awards & Recognition Committee: This committee is responsible for working with the board to identify and recognize outstanding partners, supporters, and members whose contributions are above and beyond in scope each year. Setting the criteria, announcing and selecting the awarding of scholarships for the Annual Conference all fall under this committee’s duties. Advertisement, logistics, design, procurement, pre & post marketing efforts, and presentation with relation to this award are the sole responsibility of this committee.

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