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Mobile App Addicts

by By David McMillin, Staff Writer | Mar 03, 2013
Some people would actually rather give up water than give up their mobile apps. Are your attendees this dependent on mobile apps?

mobileapps_newsIf you’re still trying to find the right developer for a mobile app for your conference, a recent survey shows that you may need to speed up the pace of your search. New research from California-based technology company Apigee shows that people aren’t just using apps anymore. They’re counting on those apps to stay alive - - literally.

In a survey of more than 700 people around the world, 85 percent of respondents admitted that they would rather give up drinking water than delete all of their mobile apps.

While this sounds rather unhealthy, the statistics point to the reality that the vast majority of people have become increasingly reliant on apps that help them perform their day-to-day duties. In fact, 20 percent of respondents indicated that they couldn’t find their way to work without apps, while 19 percent said that apps help them maintain their relationships.

What the News Means for Your Meeting

All of these figures point to the need to invest in apps that will enhance the on-site experience at your next meeting. From helping attendees navigate their way around a venue to connecting them with like-minded colleagues to creating an interactive gamified experience, a high-quality conference app can make the difference between just another meeting and a meeting that helps your audience get even more out of their investment to travel and participate.

“It’s clear that the average consumer is becoming more closely intertwined with their mobile devices, which of course includes the average attendee,” Carolyn Clark, vice president, marketing and communications, PCMA, says. “This continuing trend puts more pressure on everyone in our industry to develop applications that will satisfy that hunger for an app while attendees are on-site.”

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