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Why Average No Longer Exists

by By Daniel Metz, Specialist, Web Marketing | Jan 16, 2013
A Pulitzer-Prize winning writer outlines why doing more must be the new normal for your career advancement.

friedmanSome people do less. Some people do more. It balances out in the workplace and in the global marketplace, right? The world can count on average performance, can’t it?


On the closing day of Convening Leaders 2013, Thomas Friedman, New York Times columnist and Pulitzer-Prize winning author, told attendees that average is over. As the globalization of business continues to merge with the revolution of technology, Friedman underscored that your career is counting on what you can do to add to your individual value proposition.

“Whatever you do now, your have to find your extra,” Friedman told attendees.

“Today, you only hire someone if you absolutely have to,” Friedman added. “That attitude is not going away after the recession.”

Be Ready to Change - All the Time

In order to thrive in a hyper-connected world, Friedman said that an organization must find people who can constantly reinvent, reengineer and redesign the responsibilities of their jobs. While you may be hired to plan an organization’s meetings or oversee a hotel’s regional sales efforts, it’s important to continually think about what more you can do in your role.

How are you contributing to the planning process for the long-term success of your organization? Are there new technologies that you can adopt to make your work more effective? What has changed since you first started, and how does that impact your importance to your organization?

“Think like a startup,” Friedman said. “Always be a work in progress.”

Be Proud

If you’re serious about success, you’ll have to make your work more than what you do to earn money. Friedman told attendees to think like artisans who take great care to make hand-crafted products.

“Do your job everyday as if you want to carve your initials into it,” Friedman said. “Take pride in your work.”

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