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by Ali Gramaglia | Dec 26, 2012

Effortless and efficient show management

What’s the mark of a truly innovative company? When that organization can figure out how to expand and improve on even its most successful products. This is exactly what Freeman, the leader in face-to-face marketing services since 1927, has accomplished with its new Freeman Technology Suite (FTS).

An integrated collection of six interactive tools that simplify the event planning process, FTS enhances the on-site event experience for exhibitors as well as event organizers. The suite features Passport, which streamlines the event design review and approval process and lets customers place orders directly with Freeman’s sales and management teams.

“A key feature is the ability to create a streamlined approval process within your account,” said Kris Osterbusch, Freeman’s marketing director. “If multiple people need to approve a document, the tool’s built-in workflow passes the most updated version from person to person, so everyone doesn’t wonder who has the most current copy.” Time- and locale-strapped organizers will appreciate the versatility of PlanTour, which lets users virtually walk through about 50 facilities to determine everything from directional flow to signage. Users can even tag or label areas to show exhibitors what’s sold, on hold, or available.

Lots of speakers? Presentation Management is the solution. Organizers can use the tool to keep presentation materials in one central web portal, and digital signage is even integrated into the system. When a change is made, Presentation Management automatically updates a facility’s digital signage as well. Staff can use the tool’s new iPad app to take pictures of a meeting room’s setup, which planners can then review and tag with changes and notes for the staff.

The award-winning Concierge Elite tool takes customer service to a whole new level with a mobile app that allows exhibitors and organizers to place and monitor orders directly from their device. Versions for the iPad and iPhone rolled out earlier this year, and apps for other tablet platforms are currently in development. Exhibitors can also take advantage of ExhibitPlanner, an asset-management tool that manages the storage and shipment of booths and exhibits.

For more information: freemanco.com

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