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UNCONVENTIONAL Dump Your Elevator Pitch

by Barbara Palmer | Dec 14, 2012

When it comes to networking, a common mistake people make is to spend too much time creating an “elevator pitch,” according to Thom Singer, author of Some Assembly Required: How to Make, Grow, and Keep Your Business Relationships, and an expert on networking at conferences. “While knowing how to clearly and concisely tell others about yourself is important,” Singer said in an interview, “so much attention is put on it that many people mistakenly lead with their ‘elevator statement.’”

He added: “The first time someone meets you, they really don’t care about your ‘verbal vomit’ about you and your career. They care more about themselves. So don’t waste brain cells memorizing three to five sentences about yourself. Instead, memorize three to five questions that will get the people talking about themselves. Most people will turn around and ask you the same questions, allowing you to explain who you are and what makes you spectacular.”

And what if someone doesn’t reciprocate and ask about you? “They did you a favor letting you know they aren’t interested,” Singer said. “Networking relationships are about building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships, not about pitching yourself or your business.”

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