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by By Jennifer N. Dienst, Contributing Editor | Nov 01, 2012

Helping to make your meeting unforgettable

As the leading provider of event technology today, PSAV Presentation Services is committed to discovering new ways to deliver unforgettable meeting support. To that end, PSAV takes advantage of recent neurological research findings on adult learning to build environments that maximize knowledge retention for every kind of meeting.

Are you waving off staging and interactive elements as unnecessary extras at your next meeting? Think again. Research shows that audiovisual input has a remarkably positive effect on the way adults learn and absorb information.

If a person hears a message while seeing a related image, studies show he or she will absorb an additional 91 percent of that message. Studies also show that stimulating all of the senses, including sight, sound, smell, and touch, helps create a more memorable learning environment. As a result, effective meetings call for more than just a speaker at a podium - they call for integrated experiences that involve just the right amount of audiovisual technology. So what’s the solution? Having an experienced event technology provider.

“Every planner wants their event, no matter the goal, to inspire attendees,” said Greg Van Dyke, senior vice president of global sales and marketing at PSAV Presentation Services. “Whether their purpose is networking, education, or just making a sale, PSAV creates events that engage attendees at every level.”

To learn how PSAV creates experiences that not only inspire attendees but help them absorb information, stop by the Inspiration Café at Convening Leaders 2013, or call (877) 430-7728 and visit psav.com/research.

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