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June 17 2014

PCMA SE Member Spotlight

TJ Jackson
Todd Lambert
President & CEO EventSphere, Atlanta GA
PCMA SE Member since February 2000

Q & A:
How many years in the hospitality industry?
21 Years

Current job title at your organization?
President & CEO   

Atlanta boasts the busiest airport in the world, which is a benefit to groups booking Atlanta for meetings, conventions & trade shows. How much time do you allow for arriving at the airport in Atlanta or any other destination?
1 hour

With time, travel and cost not being a concern: Where in the SOUTHEAST would you choose for dinner if you were NOT entertaining clients?
As a firm believer in supporting our local community, I would choose any of the great, new restaurants that have popped up along the new Atlanta Beltline.

Share a secret: What is one thing that you do in your personal or professional life that you feel adds value?
You have to take the time for yourself! I love Stott Pilates at Inspire Health.

Do you prefer to receive business contact by: mail, landline, cell phone, text, email, or other social media outlets?
I always prefer talking with someone, or receiving old fashion mail.

What is your advice on staying relevant in the hospitality industry?
One must be very intentional about staying abreast of industry trends and innovations.  Also, always remember that this is the business of hospitality. It’s all about providing a high level of service that pleases people in terms of their wants and needs.

Additionally, it’s vital to maintain a creative and motivated workforce who fit in with the company’s positive culture.  Personally, I make every effort to forge good relationships with industry leaders and I strive to always project a winning EventSphere persona everywhere I go.  
Inject every day with excitement and enthusiasm.  It’s contagious and it never gets old.


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