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April 10 2014

Learning about Meeting Apps

Karen Quill

Gone are the days of forcing attendees visit a registration desk to pick up conference materials and carry them around for the entire event. Gone are the days when meeting organizers are forced to create new, printed signage because breakout session rooms changed at the last moment. Gone are the days of presenters getting annoyed with audiences who are on smartphone and tablet devices during their presentation.

Mobile App’s for the meeting industry is not a new concept. They have been around for several years but for most of us, we are either too busy to check out this new technology, thought it was too complicated to integrate in to our meetings or believed it was too expensive to consider for the next conference.

Meeting Apps have come a long way since they first were introduced to our industry. They are accessible at many price points, starting as low as $3500 for a package that would allow your attendees to have the conference schedule and important information right on their own mobile device!

For the last several years, PCMA has utilized this technology for their events and it has now become part of the overall conference experience. No longer do we have to carry around all the printed materials. It’s all there, right at our fingertips, on our own mobile device. And, dare I say, as it should be!

Over the last two years, virtually every conference I’ve attended or planned has had a Meeting App component. Printed binders and materials are going the way of the phone booth! Before you know it, they won’t exist and now is the time to start planning your conferences with the future in mind. There is no doubt that moving forward, attendees will expect a Meeting App.

I would encourage every planner who has not checked out this technology to contact their Audio Visual provider to get educated, learn about price points and determine if this is the right product for your next meeting. As a member of the PSAV team, I would love to invite you to contact us so we can help you understand the product and discuss how we can help improve the attendee experience at your next conference. It’s easier than you think!!

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