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by Richard Anderson | Aug 13, 2014

Culture Matters Most

While many companies spend time trying to differentiate themselves from their competition, we put our efforts into ensuring we are a good fit for our customers. This is something core to our culture and reflective of what we call, “The YOU Experience,” an expression of how we treat each and every customer interaction. In short… we make it all about you. 

The YOU Experience means that we:

  • Put the customer at the center of everything we do
  • Make exhibiting easy 
  • Do everything we can to make our customers, and their exhibitors, successful

Our culture has been shaped over the years by being true to our mission,"Your Success is Our Success." It’s a collective mindset that starts with our president, Carl Mitchell, and permeates through the whole organization. As our chief culture officer, Carl personally leads our Blue Diamond Customer Service program ensuring consistency throughout our organization and to each and every customer. 

While our leadership sets the tone and gives us the tools we need to do our jobs, it's our culture that shapes the soul of our company - our beliefs, actions and attitudes. It drives our teamwork, productivity and loyalty. It's what makes us innovative, flexible and fun to do business with.

As employee-owners of Shepard, we are proud purveyors of "The YOU Experience," and proud of a culture that keeps us focused on the single-most important part of business - our customers and their success. Shepard Exposition Services

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