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by Karyl B. Hanisch | Feb 18, 2014

In January 2009 I attended my first Convening Leaders in New Orleans. As many recall this was a time of economic uncertainty for our Country and Industry. I experienced first-hand how PCMA rallied with other Industry Organizations to begin the efforts of proving the Hospitality Industries Economic impact. I was privileged to be in attendance as a culmination of this was announced at the 2014 Convening Leaders Conference in Boston with the “Meetings Mean Business Coalition”.  No matter what the challenge PCMA steps up to the plate and not only leads, but teaches others how to lead and be an advocate.

I have participated in Convening Leaders since 2009 and continue to be impressed by the caliber of education and technology that PCMA consistently provides. Beginning the “20 in their Twenties” program to mentor the next generation of PCMA and offering “Master Series” sessions for our Industry Leaders. There was an opportunity to learn no matter what your level of experience. “ When we stop growing, we start dying” (William S. Burroughs) and from the energy and dynamic encounters I had at the 2014 PCMA Convening Leaders this is far from the case.

Since 2009 I became progressively involved in the Southeast Chapter going from being an active Member to serving on Committees, a Committee Chair to serving on the Board. I had the privilege of receiving a Registration Scholarship from PCMA for the 2014 Convening Leaders Conference and I gratefully acknowledge the continued investment that PCMA gives to its members. May we all continue to be active in growing and sustaining our Chapter and Industry that works so hard to keep us always on the cutting edge and leading the way.

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