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July 09 2014

Speeding up Registration

Diana Brady - Cartus

Most people cant stand waiting on lines, so here are a few key ways to keep your convention attendees happy and moving



Make sure every name is included and in alphabetical order before printing the badges.  Create a separate alphabetized list for each badge type (e.g., staff, exhibitor, attendee, etc.) to avoid sorting and alphabetizing on site.


                       Divide and Conquer

Group the alphabetized badges into sections and use stanchions or signage to create lines at registration. Some hotels will provide the stanchions if you ask. Or get creative and use colorful duct tape to visually divide the space (if its ok with your facility).


                       Go Generic

What about the conference bags?  Fill the conference bags with only those items that can be given to every attendee. Youll save time and space and avoid errors.


                       Reward Efficiency

Create a separate pre-paid registration line as a bonus for attendees who paid in advance. Attendees who register on-site or who have outstanding balances will wait on a different line. 


                       Go Mobile

Have a smartphone?  Invest in a card reader and process credit card payments from attendees while theyre waiting on-line.  Speed up the registration processing times for happier attendees.


Contact diana.brady@cartus.com for more tips on creating more efficient and faster registration lines.  

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