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January 09 2013

Service in Sync with Children's Friends

Tom Foley Admin

On Thursday, November 15, members of the PCMA New England Board of Directors volunteered at Children's Friend of Providence. Children's Friend is an agency that provides a multitude of offerings benefitting children and their parents, from adoption and foster-care, to crisis centers and classrooms. The classrooms are where we had the chance to spend our time that day. Available for children aged 3-5 that face obstacles such as poverty, language barriers, substance abuse, and lack of education at home, we knew our time was being dedicated to a great cause!

Met with smiling faces, excited hellos, and energetic waves from just about every child we came into contact with, it was hard to tell the challenges that these young kids faced every day. As volunteers, we were welcomed whole-heartedly. From 2-5pm, we interacted one-on-one with the children, made popsicle snowflakes, played outside, sang and danced, built skyscrapers out of Lego's and building blocks, and read stories. It was only a short time, but many of the children knew a lot of us by name and said farewell with big hugs when the day was over. It's hard to imagine that just three hours could have made such a big impact on every one of us. Even long after leaving Children's Friend, many of us were still excitedly swapping stories and talking about the specific kids we met and spent time with. We're so thankful that places like the Children's Friend, and their staff, exist to provide a great place for these amazing children to grow and learn.

PCMA New England has adopted Children's Friend as an organization that we will support through the upcoming year. Our team that volunteered will remember the experiences we had there for quite a while to come!

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