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March 13 2014

Learn to be a Better Negotiator on March 26

Allison (Versman) Greene, Chair, Greater Midwest Program Committee

Over the course of my career I have worked for several companies in a sales role. From my days selling outsourced event management with Experient, to selling one of the top convention cities, Indianapolis, to selling customized event apps now for SpotMe, the one thing that has always been consistent is that negotiating is negotiating. No matter the products I have sold and the authority I have to negotiate terms, I have found that sometimes a deal can be soured based on the tone of the negotiations. What about entering a negotiation with an existing client who has gone out to bid? That’s always awkward knowing services still need to be executed for the current contact! What about negotiating with someone who has no authority, to find that what they agreed to was overwritten by their supervisor? 

Yes, negotiating can be stressful.  That is why I am looking forward to attending the March 26 Education Program to learn more about adapting to different negotiation styles and how best to handle different scenarios that are common in our industry.  Our speaker, Shannon Murphy Robinson with Impression Management, will conduct a very interactive session regarding negotiating styles and how best to come to the negotiation table in different scenarios.  It isn’t all about the comps, concessions, and cancellation policy.  It’s about understanding how to position your argument with the person on the other end of the negotiation.

Don’t miss out on this must-attend event - learn how you can be more strategic in your negotiations with vendors, hotels, leadership, and clients!

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