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Paulette Phillips
Vice President, Finance

Paulette Phillips, CPA has been in finance for 20 years. She brings more than 10 years of corporate finance experience to her 7 years with PCMA. PCMA’s entrepreneurial spirit and focus on profitability keeps Paulette hopping as the gate keeper of ROI for the organization. Paulette has brought many initiatives to PCMA including a new, more efficient budgeting tool, electronic expense reporting, automated credit card processing and the all-important auditors that keep PCMA running smoothly and compliant.

When asked how PCMA has influenced her life, Paulette shares this story, “A couple of years ago I was motivated to be the “meeting planner” for my family reunion of about 200 people. We all know how it can be difficult to work with colleagues. Working with family…10 times worst and you don’t have the threat of firing people! Anyway, I gained a new respect for the meeting planner and will NEVER do that again. However, I did make us a $750 profit.”

When not at work, you can find Paulette with her favorite guy, Pepper, her black and (slightly) tan cocker spaniel.  

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