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November 13 2013

GMC PCMA November Chapter Event: Folding Time™ with Neen James

Stacey Woldt, CMP, Chair, Greater Midwest Chapter Program Committee

More than 180 live attendees joined the GMC PCMA Chapter Event on November 6th at the Union League Club of Chicago. And why so many for the final program of 2013? It was the delightful banter of Australian-born Neen James in her session entitled Folding Time™ that appealed to planners and suppliers alike. Ms. James charmed the audience with her “Down Under” colloquialisms and humor while conveying the importance of better utilizing time to allow for who and what really matters in life. Her overall message was that you can “fold time” and achieve twice as much in the same amount of time with a few helpful practices. If you “talk time” and “be specific,” you can conquer the world in 15 minutes.” 

As part of your Folding Time™ Action Plan, Neen recommended “Tele-coffees” or 15-minute, strategic conversations with a boss or colleague on a daily basis. She likewise recommended that you select “three must-dos” each day that carry your attention and focus throughout the day. “Accelerating your meetings and conference calls” to less than one hour to increase productivity was also key per Neen. Thinking of time as a currency and using it productively are fundamental practices. Urgent, ASAP, and Close of Business are no longer strategic terms to include in your “language palate.” Her final advice was to “Avoid VDPs – Very Draining People – at all costs, and surround yourself with VIPs – Very Inspirational People.”

Is your Productivity Accountability Partner on your calendar for early December? Remember to check-in for 15 minutes with your buddy to compare notes on your practices for folding time.

Neen proposed using goals as a filter to do what’s important.  The audience suggested, “Does it fulfill my mission?”, “Does it matter?”, and “Is this the best use of my time right now?” What is your question of the day? 

If you find yourself a tad overwhelmed with refocusing how you view time, don’t worry. Take a recovery nap with PZIZZ Sleep but remember to reengage in your “three must-dos” for the day. For further information on Neen James, visit www.neenjames.com.

The Union League Club of Chicago offered a unique venue for holding events. The session was held in the Main Dining Room, which has 28-foot high ceilings, ornate gold-leaf crown moldings, and a fine art collection, including Claude Monet.  For further information on the ULC, visit www.ulcc.org.

The next GMC event is the member mixer on December 16th at the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel in downtown Chicago. Dates for quarterly educational programs in 2014 will be announced in the near future.

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