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July 31 2013

GMC Member Spotlight: Cookie Walner, CMP, CMM, CAE

Roz Stuttley

Want to know the real deal about joining PCMA? Is it really worth the time and investment? Meet Cookie Walner, CMP, CMM, CAE, Manager of Events at American Hardware Manufacturer's Association and current Secretary, GMC PCMA Board of Directors.

Do you remember why you first joined PCMA?

  • Of course.  Susan Katz encouraged me to join and become involved.

How long have you been a member?

  • 10 years this year

What has your PCMA membership and participation done for you and your career?

  • The PCMA Membership has aligned me with like-minded individuals.  And the cutting edge education both on the Chapter and National level has always been beneficial for me professionally. The participation has helped me grow as a meeting professional and I have volunteered with the most amazing people.  People I otherwise never would have met. The bond is so strong working together for a common goal.

Do you find there is work-life balance with being a member of PCMA?

  • I find it really helpful that meetings on a chapter level are quarterly, and it’s easy to make that commitment 4 or 5 times a year, and it doesn’t interfere with regular job. The programming is cutting edge and the programming committee does an amazing job finding the best and brightest.

What would you tell someone who is considering joining and participating in PCMA?

  • What are you waiting for?  And make sure you volunteer.  Find a committee at the Chapter level that interests you. Build your network of peers. And advance your career with the educational opportunities. That’s exactly what I did! Trust me, PCMA is an investment worth having.


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