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Richard A. "Dick" Daignault Award
This award was created by the Chapter in 1994 in honor of Dick Daignault, a long time Hilton Sales Representative, a career long member of PCMA, and a dear friend to his peers, his customers, and his competitors. Dick passed away in June 1994 at the age of 64. This award is presented to a gracious and generous supplier partner who provides leadership through mentoring, demonstrates integrity, and shows consistent respect for colleagues.

Award Recipients
2016 — Bill Martin
2015 — Peggy Murray Hagaman
2014 — Douglas Bennett, CASE
2013 — Donna M. Bongiovanni
2012 — Rosemarie Horcher, CMP, CEM
2011 — Mark Henry
2010 — Murray Ryan
2009 — Melanie Kuranda
2008 — Brian Hile, CMP, CHME
2007 — Lora C. Stanley
2006 — Serena Melancon
2005 — Mary Patton
2004 — Marlene Hetzel
2003 — Angie Ranalli, CMP
2002 — Terry O'Brien
2001 — Kathleen Kozminske
2000 — Rhonda Chesney, CMP
1999 — D. Bradley Kent
1998 — Francine Pepitone, CMM, MAS 
1997 — Barbara Connell, CAE, CMP
1996 — Bill Grusich
1995 — Diane Dale



Robert J. "Bob" Donovan Award
This award was created by the Chapter in 2001 in honor of Bob Donovan, Vice President, Meetings & Travel Services, American Hospital Association. Bob is a career long member of PCMA, and a person who is committed to the continuity and growth of the industry by mentoring new industry professionals, while always maintaining an open door policy. This award is presented to an outstanding meeting professional who leads by example, inspires volunteerism, and is committed to the growth of the industry.

Award Recipients
2016 — Linda Cooper
2015 — Colleen Donohoe, CMP
2014 — Sarah McKinney, CMP
2013 — Jenna T. Cummins, CMP
2012 — Jody Egel, CAE, CMP
2011 — Lora J. DiPadova-Tannehill, CMP
2010 — Deidre I. Ross, CMP, MHA, CAE
2009 — Teri Elliott Jordan, CMP, CAE
2008 — Karen Malone
2007 — Louise A. Pochelski, CMP
2006 — Vicky Betzig, CMP
2005 — Kelly Fox, CMP
2004 — Laurie Fitzgerald, CMP
2003 — Donna Karl, CMP
2002 — Sharon Kremkau
2001 — Robert Donovan



Pillar Award
This award was created by the chapter in 2003 to honor a professional or supplier who is recognized as an unyielding supporter of the chapter through dedicated participation, enthusiastic committee involvement, and leadership.

Award Recipients
2016 — Walden Agustin
2015 — Barbara Connell, CAE, CMP
2014 — Kris Marinelli Jebson
2013 — Sarah E. Opple
2012 — Rhonda Chesney, CMP
2011 — Bill Martin
2010 — Marjorie E. McCartney
2009 — Donald Jenkins, CASE
2008 — Douglas Dvorak
2007 — Andrew Schorr
2006 — Jeffrey Kincaid
2005 — Deidre Ross, CMP
2004 — Mary Lou Newbold
2003 — Eugene Walker, CMP
2002 — Sharon Kremkau



Broad Shoulders Award
The Broad Shoulders Award is intended to recognize efforts and accomplishments not easily categorized or measured. From time to time outstanding services, innovative ideas, meritorious actions and leadership need to be applauded and brought to the attention of the GMC membership and the industry in general. This award offers the flexibility necessary to acknowledge those who embody the principles and ideals to which we strive. It is a truly special award that has been given out only five times since its inception in 1996.

Award Recipients
2014 — James S. Goodman, CMP
2010 — Marlene Hetzel
2004 — Peter A. Lombardi
2002 — JoAnn Bedrosian-Ryan
1999 — Patricia A. Carroll
1996 — Patrick E. Raleigh



The GEM Award
The Gem Award is presented to a professional or supplier who is both a new member of the Greater Midwest Chapter and is currently serving on a committee. Nominated by committee chairs, this volunteer demonstrates passion, and has taken an active role in the achievements of that committee by consistently going the extra mile.

Award Recipients
2016 — Kelly Jena
2015 — Kristi Casale CMP, DMCP
2014 — Andrea Carlson, CMP
2013 — Jenna M. Blandi
2012 — Hilary Rosenthal
2011 — Mary Ridderman, CDME, CMP, CHSP
2010 — Kristin Buechsenschuetz
2009 — Sarah D. Cohen
2008 — Yolanda Simmons
2007 — Joe Kissinger
2006 — Dionne Maniotes-Hulsey
2005 — Anne Carey, CMP
2004 — Amanda K. Cecil
2003 — H. Jeffrey Kinkaid



Outstanding Service to a Chapter Award
This PCMA award honors one member who has made an exemplary contribution to the association through its network of chapters. Each chapter submits a nominee to national headquarters for consideration. Each nominee will have exhibited dedication to the chapter in areas such as education, communication, membership, and/or community service, and must have demonstrated achievements in mentoring others and inspiring new leaders within the chapter.

Award Recipients
2016 — Allison Greene
2015 — Keri Kelly
2014 — Jill Formeister
2013 — Tonya Almond, CMP
2012 — Brian Hile, CMP, CHME
2011 — Michael M. McCurry, CMP
2010 — Paul M. Miller
2009 — Teri Elliott Jordan, CMP, CAE
2008 — Rhonda Chesney, CMP
2007 — John Folks
2006 — Scott Romane
2005 — Scott Romane
2004 — Vicky Betzig, CMP



The President's Award
The President’s Award is the opportunity for the chapter President to honor a truly deserving individual who has contributed to the association in a manner far beyond expectations during the president’s term. Each President is allowed to set their own criteria, but this award is not given out every year, as the intent is to reserve it for those special instances when a chapter member has truly risen to an extraordinary level.

Award Recipients
2013 — Tracy Riggan
2011 — Sandy Reynolds, CMP
2010 — Michael McCurry, CMP
2006 — JoAnna Leon



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